Battery Assist Module

Peak assist of battery load with EDLC = Battery life span extends!



* 30% increase in extension of operation time per charge

* Twice the life extension of the battery life

* Reduction of system battery capacity · Lightweight

Generally, in order to efficiently extract energy from a battery (lead storage battery), 0.2 C discharge is optimal for a 5 hour rate battery.If it is 0.2 C discharge, it means that more than 90% of the stored energy can be taken out.

However, in order to comply with this rule, it is necessary to arrange the batteries in parallel, the weight of the system becomes heavy, and in many cases, it is not realistic in terms of cost.

If it is set to 1 C discharge, it is said that the amount of energy that can be taken out is 50 to 60%, and when it is 2 C discharge, it is said to be 20 to 30%.

Therefore, by connecting this EDLC module in parallel with the battery, peak assist of the battery can be performed, and it is possible to efficiently extract energy stored in the battery.

It is an EDLC module equipped with Maxwell Techonogies' EDLC.Perform a peak assist of the battery by connecting in parallel to a 24V / 48V battery.

Initial charging function is built in.Customers do not need to prepare a special charger.

When charging the battery, the battery and EDLC are automatically disconnected before exceeding the EDLC rated voltage.

By LED indication, you can check the condition of EDLC.

When disconnecting this module by maintenance etc., a safety circuit is built in which no voltage is applied to the terminals by the switch.

Model Number CM3400-010-1A
Rated voltage 28.5V
Capacitance 340F (3400F x 10S )
ESR 8m Ω
Protection grade IP54
Outer Size 465mm x 129mm x 155mm