EDLC module

Development and manufacture of EDLC custom modules



Design the EDLC custom module according to the necessary voltage, current, capacity, ambient environment.

We have a laser welding machine.Maxwell's EDLC is characterized by very low internal resistance compared to other companies.In order to take advantage of this, the parameter we look at when designing custom modules is internal resistance (ERS).

When large current flows, this internal resistance generates heat.To accommodate this heat within the rating of the cell, various heat dissipation mechanisms are required.However, if the internal resistance is small, its heat dissipation mechanism is simplified, which leads to cost reduction.

Connection between cells is done with a bus bar, but if connection of bus bar and cell is done by bolt connection, problems such as slackening of bolts due to seismic intensity, corrosion of contact parts, increase of internal resistance due to contact resistance, etc. become problems

In order to solve these problems, we recommend welding the bus bar to the cell by laser welding machine.