I/O Control Server

Central monitoring of machines and equipment operation status via network.



IOCS - NX is an I / O control server with 8 contact outputs / 8 contact inputs and signal control using LAN.

Contact output is non-voltage relay output, contact input is 5 V photo coupler input.Control of AC power supply and various sensors can be connected directly without external circuit, and 16 PCs can be connected to one I / O control server.

All access is managed by the IP address, and it is possible to limit the contact that each PC can control by setting.Program development can be performed in a usable development environment without requiring a special program language such as PLC when developing contact control program.

Also, since two IOCSs can be connected to each other, remote control of the warning light becomes possible without connecting a switch by connecting a switch to one side and connecting a warning light to one side.

LAN 10/100Base-T/TX ( Auto )
Input 8ch
Rated Voltage 5V
Rated current 10mA
Circuit Anode common
Output 8ch
AC rated 125 V / 0.5 A
DC rating 30 V / 1A
Common 2
Power Supply AC100V ±20% 50/60Hz
Outer size 192mm x 190mm x 445mm EIA 1Usize