Power Electronisc




AC / DC, DC / DC, DC / AC etc. We provide outsourced development service for products suitable for the usage environment.We also support system development combining these power supplies, lithium ion batteries, EDLC and control equipment.

30KW Li-ion battery charger
It quickly charges the lithium ion battery at 30 KW.Parallel operation is possible, it is possible to charge up to 90 KW.When charging lithium-ion batteries, they charge safely while monitoring battery status with battery module and CAN communication.
10KW Bidirectional DCDC for EDLC
Primary side DC 300 V constant voltage Secondary side (EDLC side) DC 150 - 300 V, 10 KW bidirectional DCDC.
5KVA Sin Inverter
It is DCAC of 3 phase 200 V / 50 · 60 Hz.Since the output is a sine wave output, it is possible to easily connect the equipment connected to the grid power supply.