Back up machine power with UPS with 5 KW 3 phase AC 200 V SIN output

Machine equipment stopped due to blackout, have you been in trouble?

In recent years, although responsibility as a member of the supply chain is heavy, cost competition becomes severe, and production delay due to suspension of machinery equipment may not be allowed ...

Moreover, due to a sudden stop of equipment due to blackout

· The parts of the widget become wasteful

· It takes a huge amount of time to restart facilities after power cut restoration

· If it suddenly stops, the load on the facility itself will be applied and there is a possibility of it being broken

Various problems are considered as well.

However, when power backup of equipment becomes large-scale equipment, it cost tens of millions of yen to hundreds of millions of yen, so did not you give up without investing?

We have developed UPS (uninterruptible power supply unit) with 3-phase AC200V / 5KW SIN output so that only required equipment is backed up.With reasonable investment, you can back up the equipment power supply.

The electric storage device can be selected according to the application, EDLC or lithium ion battery.EDLC is recommended for applications such as prevention of instantaneous blackouts, power peak cuts, and short backups during power outages (during normal system shutdown).Lithium ion batteries are recommended for long backups.By adding lithium ion batteries, it is possible to respond to backup for several hours.




Output 3fase-3wire AC200V 50/60Hz 5KVA Sine-wave
Input 3fase-3wire AC200V 50/60Hz 6KVA
Storage Device EDLC: Backup time:60sec / Chargeing time:60sec
Li-ion:Backup time:45min / Chargeing time:5hours
Outer Size 600mmx700mmx1400mm